Monday, January 23, 2017

How much Lysol can I spray?

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I have a question how much Lysol can I spray in my house before it stops working?
My tiny army of humans visit a walking talking Perti Dish every single day and bring home something new.
Last week we were all just getting back to feeling better after using 20 boxes of tissues because of a nasty cold.
Than yesterday my littlest ran a 101.9 temp out of the blue.  Started complaining of his back hurting sending me into a panic.8 year old announced at the dinner table she was so happy she didn't throw up at school and that she wasn't feeling well.
My 6 year old told me one of her friend threw up in the bathroom at school but that she wasn't with her at the time but they had been playing together for the last few days. (YEA)
My oldest is healthy but he has been slowing down the last few days. (Never Good)
Last night around 9 pm my husband started to shiver. Took his temp and he was heading into the 101 range of a fever.  I cleaned my house. I sprayed Lysol, and bleached whatever I could bleach and yet we are getting sick again.
 (FYI  Yes my husband got the flu shot!)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Book Review: Kill All The Lawyers by Paul Levine

Kill All the Lawyers (Solomon vs Lord, #3)
Title: Kill All The Lawyers

Author: Paul Levine 

Stars: 4.5 out of 5

As I had just finished one book by this author (Deep Blue Alibi) I decided to continue on and read the next book in the Solomon and Lord series. I can only say I am never disappointed with what is written. It is both humorous an spell binding as the reader gets caught up in the story which is unfolding before them. As always Solomon and Lord are able to resolve the thorny problem set before them after a few missteps.

I have rated this book 4.5 stars.

I obtained this book from Amazon in Kindle format.

They’re the legal world’s oddest couple—a shorts-and-sandals beach bum and a Coral Gables blue blood. Maybe the only thing keeping them from killing each other is that they’re on the same side.…

It starts with a 300-pound marlin stuck in his front door. Even by South Florida standards, where murderers outnumber mosquitoes, this registers as weird. And it’s not long before Steve Solomon figures out who’s making the bizarre threats. But how can he explain to his partner why an ex-client wants him dead? Victoria Lord was used to Steve’s cutting legal corners to win, but breaking the law to lose was downright unethical, even for Steve. Now Solomon & Lord is being bashed on local radio and a celebrity shrink with a homicidal me-first philosophy wants to be Steve’s new best friend. With a killer on the loose and legal disaster looming, is Steve’s lover and law partner about to walk out on him? Is this the end of Solomon & Lord?

Paperback368 pages
Published August 29th 2006 by Bantam

About The Authors: 
Paul Levine
Paul Levine's newest legal thriller is BUM RAP, which brings together Jake Lassiter, Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord. 

“The pages fly by and the laughs keep coming in this irresistible Florida romp. A delicious mix of thriller and comic crime novel.” – Booklist (starred review)

The author of 19 novels, Paul Levine won the John D. MacDonald fiction award and was nominated for the Edgar, Macavity, International Thriller, Shamus, and James Thurber prizes. 

A former Miami trial lawyer, he also wrote 21 episodes of the CBS military drama “JAG” and co-created the Supreme Court drama “First Monday” starring James Garner and Joe Mantegna. 

The critically acclaimed international bestseller TO SPEAK FOR THE DEAD was his first novel. It has sold nearly two million copies and is still going strong both on Kindle and with a new paperback edition in August 2015. 

He is also the author of the SOLOMON vs. LORD legal capers.

Author Website:

What are you Reading?

Oh my to be read list is getting longer and long all the while my days seem to be filling with endless things to do not to mention I keep forgetting to set up my kids well check up appointments.

I know I know lots of Mysteries.  I can't help myself I love it when I can't figure out who the killers are.

What are you reading?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Book Review Spence in Petal Park by Michael Allen

Spence in Petal Park (Detective Superintendent Spence Mysteries Book 1)
Title: Spence In Petal Park 

 Author: Michael Allen

Stars: 4 out of 5

Again another brilliantly written British Police procedural  murder mystery. Detective Superintendent Spence is on top of his game as he investigates the murder of a young male who resides near a girls private school. He is able to sort the wheat from the chaff in his all business and no nonsense manner and solves the case in short order.

I have given this book a four star rating. I really like this author's style and highly recommend him if you enjoy cozy British murder mysteries.

I obtained this book from Amazon in Kindle format.

Kindle Edition200 pages
Published August 9th 2016 by Endeavour Press

Roger Parnell is a rich, good-looking young man, living in the plushiest suburb of a South Coast resort. 

When he is found dead in his driveway three days before Christmas, Detective Superintendent Spence immediately gets to work. 

Spence believes in method, groundwork, and a proper filing system. In a mobile police unit near the scene of the crime, the investigation is soon under way. 

And there's plenty to investigate. 

Parnell's life-style included sharp business practices, an unhealthy interest in the girls at the expensive school behind his house, blackmail and seduction. 

Interviewing Parnell's neighbours, associates and lovers, Spence soon concludes that plenty of people had cause to hate him. 

But which of the apparently sensible, ordinary people behind the privet hedges of exclusive Petal Park actually killed him? 

Spence in Petal Park weaves the stories of the people in Parnell's life into a complex web of cause and effect, which Spence's careful work finally unravels — just before Christmas. 

Michael Allen was born in Peterborough in 1939 and was educated at Oundle and Queens' College, Cambridge. Between leaving school and going to Cambridge, he worked for six months on the staff of the New York Herald Tribune in New York. He now works as an Area Administrator at the University of Bath, and lives with his wife and two children at Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire. 

About The Author:
Michael Allen
Michael Allen is best known for writing popular mainstream fiction, and he's been doing it successfully for more years than he cares to remember. (Actually his first novel was published in 1963.) Here are some quotes from reviews of his work:

'Absolutely first class' The Bookseller
'Solidly constructed' New York Times Book Review
'A pleasing narrative style' Daily Mail
'Beguiling entertainment' Kirkus Reviews
'Don't miss it' The Observer

These days, Michael publishes all his new work in Kindle format. Much of his earlier work is now out of print, and some of the printed books listed on Amazon are only available secondhand; but most of this earlier output will gradually be republished in Kindle versions. In addition, there are some brand-new publications, listed on Amazon Kindle for the first time anywhere. To take a look at Michael's output and see what appeals to you, click on the Kindle category below and scroll down.

Michael Allen is also known for his practical books for writers:

How to Write a Short Story that Works
The Truth about Writing
On the Survival of Rats in the Slush Pile

From 2004-07, Michael wrote a daily blog, the Grumpy Old Bookman. Still available online, this contains over one million words of essays, book reviews, and useful information for writers. Michael has recently reopened this blog for occasional reviews, news, and opinion pieces.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Throwback Thursday Dirty Little Secrets

Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Review - Dirty Little Secrets - Lillian Hart

Title:  Dirty Little Secrets
AuthorLillian Hart
Review:  J.J Graves is the Coroner for King George County Virginia and runs a Mortuary business -so dead bodies are her life. When a horrific murder happens in the small town of Bloody Mary- J.J, her best friend and Sheriff Jack Lawson try to bring justice to the victims.

I came across this book free on kindle and decided to give it a shot after all who doesn't love a good murder mystery book. The murder mystery has you guessing who done it until the very end of the book which in the end is a surprise even for me.  I love the female lead she is quirky, sweet and very like able. If anyone had a best friend growing who was a guy this book makes you laugh even more.

With the fun writing also came a lot of spelling, grammar and character issues that I had to struggle to get past.  In 24 hours J.J and an author Brody who wants to use her in his book have sex and fall in love quickly and to be honest it didn't flow quite right but it did leave for some funny moments and sad moments in the book. For example “I was sure we'd be late and then Jack would have the right to make fun of me for an indiscriminate amount of time.” I was wondering if she meant undetermined amount of time. Between book one and book two Jack went from 6’2 to 6’5, along with JJ being an average woman yet taller than about 5’10. Little things can throw a reader off taking the fantasy away. I love the friendship between JJ and Jack and the author made it so believable.

There is sex in this book but nothing overly graphic which this author is known for and there is quite bit of language in this book as well.  The author abruptly endless the book but after reading her next two Dirty Shame and Dirty Rotten Scoundrel it’s the way the authors writes.  I quite enjoy the series and man looking forward to the fourth in the series.

Thanks Heidi for this review.

Published:  Published December 4th 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN:  9781481158640
Page Count: 316
Quick Review:  4 out 5 stars – for grammar and spelling error on my Kindle edition.
Why I Read this Title:  Free on Kindle and I love mysteries

Synopsis:   J.J. Graves has seen a lot of dead bodies in her line of work...

She's not only in the mortuary business, but she's also the coroner for King George County, Virginia. When a grisly murder is discovered in the small town of Bloody Mary, it's up to J.J. and her best friend, Detective Jack Lawson, to bring the victim justice.

The murders are piling up...

The residents of Blood Mary are dropping like flies, and when a popular mystery writer shows up on J.J.'s doorstep with plans of writing his new book about the Bloody Mary Serial Killer, J.J. has to decide if he might be going above and beyond the call of duty to create the spine tinglers he's so well known for. It only clouds the issue and puts her reputation on the line when the attraction between them spirals out of control.

And passions are rising...

J.J and Jack are in a race against time. They discover each victim had a shocking secret, and the very foundation of J.J.'s life is in danger of crumbling when it turns out she’s harboring secrets of her own—secrets that make her the perfect victim in a deadly game.
 Liliana Hart
Author Information:   Liliana Hart spent five years teaching music in the public education system. She molded America’s youth, busted kids for smoking pot in the restrooms, and broke up illicit affairs behind the stage on a regular basis. (Liliana’s Addison Holmes Mystery Series, about a small town teacher who gets into a whole lot of trouble, is somewhat autobiographical, but she won’t confess to which parts).

Liliana began reading romance novels with all her new found free time, and when she ran out of things to read, she decided to write her own novels. The result was a 150,000 word thriller—a dazzling adventure—where the heroine was a thirty-year-old virgin assassin (Yes, you read that right). She couldn't imagine why people weren't knocking down her door to read it, but she persevered and began writing a second book. She finally got the hang of things, and eventually learned that losing one’s virginity wasn't all that romantic after all. All of her books involve some kind of suspense (she just can't help herself), laughter, and a lot of steamy sex.

Since the failure of her first attempt, Liliana’s books have won awards such as: The Daphne Du Maurier, The Suzannah, The Linda Howard Award of Excellence, The Maggie, and many others. Her affiliations include Romance Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America.

Liliana loves to cook, and is addicted to reading, Internet Boggle, kickboxing, and Bones. She lives in a big, rambling house in Texas with a couple of cats to keep her company. She loves to get emails from readers.

Disclaimer for all reviews sent by the publisher, publicist or author for review.